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Why does the whole body ache? Causes, Symptoms and Treatment


When these types of problems occur, we are difficult to walk to sleep to eat to bathe, in short, the accomplishment of the tasks of each day. That is why we present you not only the best answers to why it hurts the whole body, but also you will discover how to deal with this problem through solutions that you can undertake from home. Let’s talk in this article what are the causes, symptoms some natural treatments you can do at home and a couple of simple exercises to relieve body pain.

One of the causes that are most mentioned when you experience this type of discomfort. Fibromyalgia is a disease that until recently was recognized by the World Health Organization influenza: sometimes an influenza malaise is not manifested only with nasal congestion and watery eyes.

An acute discomfort in muscles and joints may be the sign that an influenza malady is coming, before which we must prepare ourselves to have on hand anti-influenza, high doses of vitamin C and almost total rest.  Excess of exercise: When the body undergoes high frequencies of muscular stress, it can suffer one or two days later, with pains in the muscles and in the main joints, that can last two or three days.

Stress: If you are under a lot of work or academic pressure, you may feel that your body is not responding to the rhythm of the activities you do. It is not just about feeling that they have given us blows but certain ailments that sharpen or make us feel that the world is falling, such as:  Hot water baths: One strategy is to use aromatic oils to make it a relaxing experience and give you freedom from pain. Hot drinks:  We talk about infusions based on plants like chamomile, ginger, linden, spearmint and mint. A few cups a day, at least every three hours, will help you get out of the ailment quickly and tastefully.

Rest: a good sleep session can be the escape route to this bad moment that you are going through. Try to sleep under a good coat, and after drinking a cup of tea. Avoid body exhaustion and take things slower than in relaxation you will find relief. Take care of what you eat and drink: when your body suffers, you must always maintain a good hydration, as well as increase the consumption of fresh fruits. They will be an excellent option to snack and give vitamins to your body to fight the ailments.

Exercises to calm body aches

Although in the previous section we recommend rest, a brief dose of physical activity can help you to speed up your body recovery. When you lie down or lie down for a long time, the body may get more accustomed to this situation and do not seem to be forced out of the crisis.

Go for a walk: it is not a question of walking at the foot of a walking athlete. A short walk of about 15 minutes can be helpful, preferably mid-morning, for you to receive light solar rays.

Climbing stairs: If there are stairs at home then go for them for about five or seven minutes. Repeat once more in the afternoon. Stretch your muscles: do as if it were a yoga session at home. Stretch the large muscle groups, such as legs, arms and trunk, and then take the already recommended hot bath.

If you follow all these indications to the letter you can get rid of this problem in less than you normally would, just sitting around waiting for the calm to arrive. It is in your hands the relief when you put all your will to recover.

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