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What is your goal to feed you healthier?


From the point of view of psychology, humans tend to do what we popularly call blur and new account that is, start over. Temporary frames like birthdays, city changes and the New Year is excellent opportunities to experience a change of life in every way. Although statistics reveal that only 8% of New Year’s resolutions are fully met the reality is that there is so much you can do to be successful and not become part of this data. Have you ever wondered what makes you so hard to achieve your resolutions every year? To fulfill a purpose is necessary to create a habit otherwise each action in the direction to achieve it will represent an effort? If we make it a habit, we will do it as naturally as brush our teeth or bathe.

Become a member of today and get access to benefits information and exclusive discounts. If your purpose for this coming year is to feed more healthfully, for example I warn you are too broad and unclear as to being able to fully complete purpose. Hence, I suggest, within that category, to choose eight concrete actions that will lead you to achieve your goal and not only this year but probably for the rest of your life.

Includes five servings of green vegetables in your diet

Set the commitment to eat five servings of vegetables distributed in your three main meals and if you can in your two snacks or snacks. Remember that the portions vary according to the nutritional value of the food. For example, one serving of broccoli usually equals one cup, but one serving of romaine lettuce equals two cups.

Eat three servings of fruit per day

Fruits are an excellent source of sugar that gives you energy. In addition, they provide vitamins and fiber needed to maintain health and prevent constipation. Enjoy the seasonal fruits so you do not get bored and eat them fresh. One handle portion for example, corresponds to half handle while one portion of mandarin corresponds to two units.

Reduce the consumption of animal fat

Every time you go to ask for a dish that contains a product of animal origin try to make it low in fat. For example instead of eating a chicken thigh, you opt for a breast without skin. If you are going to eat beef instead of ordering, a rib eye asks for a low fat steak.

Eliminate fried foods

We already know that vegetable oils when they boil become saturated becoming “bad fats” that adhere to the inner lining of the arteries, increasing the risk of suffering heart attacks. So instead of frying the food, bake it or boil it.

Increase your consumption of so-called good fats

To increase levels of high-density lipoprotein HD for its acronym in English or good cholesterol reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease. To achieve this you should exercise and consume vegetable fats such as those found in raw olive oil avocados and walnuts.

Include yogurt in your diet

I know there are multiple streams against dairy, but personally I consider them to be an excellent food, especially useful for those over 50, if we consume the versions with no fat, low in sugar and if you do not have intolerance to them. They provide calcium and vitamin D, in addition to satiate and reduce our craving for sugary foods. Yogurt is indispensable to have a healthy intestinal micro biota, which in turn contributes to maintaining the line and good health.

Only came in moderation

Alcoholic beverages are not healthy. In addition to the harmful effect of alcohol especially when consumed in excess have high calorie content. If you want to drink wine, one drinks a day if you are a woman and maximum two if you are a man.

Avoid the sugar

Sugar is addictive and the World Health Organization recommends no more than 25 grams of added per day (about 6 teaspoons) sugar. At dessert time, choose a seasonal fruit, nuts or chocolate that contains at least 70% cocoa. When your willpower comes into play, there is a risk that you will fail. It sets the actions you want to implement and simply determines that it is so and not otherwise.

For example, when the waiter arrives and offers you an aperitif just answer him I only drink a glass of wine before the meal. When they show you that huge tray of desserts, just say thank you and ask will you have any natural choice? In a way the decision is already made you do not have to establish an internal dialogue to decide whether to eat something now they offer it to you.

The peanut allergy excludes this food from your diet it simply eliminates those that do not go according to your healthy eating purpose. In a matter of a few weeks, doing it you will see that it will not represent any effort and that you will reject the drink of whiskey or the ice cream with the same naturalness, as you would do with something that you know that would cause you a problem with the law.

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