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The best types of shirts to hide belly fat


The search for shirts to hide belly fat is a challenge for many women. With so many clothing options available, surely there will be a way to see your belly slimmer and better. The key to getting the best camouflage shirts belly fat is to balance your figure and to pay attention to size.

A V-neck shirt may seem too revealing at first, but the truth is that this neckline works to make health a central part go toward your face. The same goes with a wrap blouse or coat faux high. The V-shaped neckline draws the eye upward. The use of a large necklace or pendant accentuates this effect. Make sure it choose a wrap blouse with a tie or belt that is not too wide, too demanding or is too low on the waist.

A-shaped tunic blouse is a must in your wardrobe. It is forgiving and flattering to your body. Select one having a certain length, or at least not shorter than your upper thighs. This will hide your belly with success. Remember that a shirt trimmed only attract more attention to your midsection. A tunic styled with skinny fit trousers, or leggings, works as a very effective appearance can highlight shapely legs.
Empire waist
A blouse with a waist imperial works great for this shape . Any details such as bands or puckering, which is above your natural waist, and just a little below your bust, emphasizes the narrowest part of your upper body. This blouse is especially effective because a higher waist also gives the illusion of longer legs. Choose a fabric that has a flow and quality of the fluid in it. This will ensure that the rest of the shirt just gently rub your body rather than cling to it.

Additional Tips
Other things to keep in mind when choosing shirts for your shape are the fabrics and prints. The smaller prints are better. Avoid anything too tight, tight, some elasticity and fabric structure can assist in creating curves in your figure. Remember that dark colors and monochromatic outfit can make you look thinner. Consider investing in shapewear, you can give curves and can make your clothes fit you better. Apart from trying to camouflage your belly, try to think of the parts of your body you want to display and highlight. Why not wear tight pants for short legs, a sleeveless sleeves for thin arms or blouse without sleeves for strong shoulders?

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