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Stretch Marks Removal Options

Stretch Marks Removal Options

Stretch Marks Removal Options

Stretch Marks Removal Options, Stretch marks may appear on your skin due to various reasons, but they sure are not a pretty sight! Rapid weight loss or weight gain, increase in muscle size and pregnancy are some of the common reasons why stretch marks develop on your skin. These marks stand out from the rest of your skin and often prevent you from wearing sleeveless clothes or expose your upper body. So, it is important for you to know what options you have for removing stretch marks.

stretch marks removal options

Chemical peels are a really popular option when it comes to the removal of stretch marks. In this process a chemical solution is applied on your skin, which causes the skin to peel off. The new skin exposed by the removal of the old layer may appear less affected by stretch marks.

But do keep in mind that chemical peels require an intensive skin care regime post the procedure, to help revive the skin from the exposure to harsh chemicals.

Then there are laser treatments which are done by cosmetic dermatologists with specialized equipment. Though these treatments can be a lot more effective than chemical peels, do not expect your stretch marks to disappear completely.

The doctors who conduct this procedure admit that lasers can reduce stretch marks to a great extent but cannot make them disappear. But if you have deep red or white stretch marks, laser treatments can make them look much better and improve the texture of your skin. Lasers can also induce the formation of collagen which in turn reduces stretch marks to a great extent.

If laser surgery does not appeal to you, you can always go in for the conventional cosmetic surgery to remove stretch marks. This is in fact, the only way in which stretch marks can be permanently removed from your body. The procedure involves the replacement of skin affected by stretch marks with normal skin from other parts of your body. Do, bear in mind that this is a permanent change and a rather expensive option too!

If you are going in for a surgery, choose the best possible dermatological surgeon in your area.

The process of microdermabrasion can also be of help, if you do not want to spend much on removing stretch marks. The idea here is to cause abrasion on your skin, artificially, to remove the layer of skin affected by stretch marks. You can do this at the dermatologist’s chamber or at home with a skin abrasion kit.

Keep in mind that this will work only on mild stretch marks, because deeper scars will not be affected by abrading the top layer of skin. But once the scar tissue is broken up, new skin starts forming and stretch marks fade considerably.

Nowadays, you will also find a host of creams and lotions being sold as a cure for stretch marks. Of these, only collagen and alpha-hydroxy based products work effectively. They do so, by expediting collagen formation.

A combination of these methods should help you say goodbye to stretch marks. All the best!


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