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Questions and answers that could improve your health


That is, excrement is eliminated looks normal color, blood featureless. Knowing that more than 90% of cases of cancer of the colon and rectum occur after age 50, every man and older woman older should have an annual occult blood test in the stool. This test, called FOBT (for its acronym in English) -being the Immunological Fecal Test or FIT method is very simple and can be done at home and mailed to a laboratory for processing. If the test is positive, the person should get a colonoscopy to determine the source of bleeding. If all people over 50 years we did this simple test (FOBT), deaths from colon cancer could almost disappear. At this time the cancer of the colon and rectum are the second leading cause of death by disease in the United States.

Miraculous food

Good for reducing high blood pressure, cholesterol, take care of your heart stimulate the mind among other benefits. Of course, it is possible that his mother has suffered attack celebrate transient ischemic attack TIA, its acronym in English. The strokes occur when blood flow of blood flowing through a brain artery is interrupted arterial blood that carries oxygen and nutrients to brain tissue. This interruption of flow is of two types, an obstruction plates arteriosclerosis -composed calcium and cholesterol- called stroke 80% of cases and the other by rupture of the artery, called cerebral hemorrhage 20% of cases.

In the case of TIA temporary obstructions of cerebral arteries occurs which can cause temporary symptoms of stroke, with paralysis of the face difficulty speaking or lack of strength in the limbs. It is considered that 40% of people who have had a TIA will develop a stroke in the future 50% of which occur in the coming days. The patient should be taken to the emergency and its treatment includes drugs to prevent formation of blood clots. What is the difference between the measurement of blood sugar fasting and measurement of hemoglobin A1c in controlling diabetes?

Knowing the difference between these two methods to measure blood sugar is very important. Remember that diabetes is a disease in which blood sugar increases, either because the pancreas does not produce adequate amounts of insulin, or because the tissues of the person does not respond to the insulin produced by the body. Knowing that excess blood sugar causes damage to the delicate tissues of the body ‘s blood vessels it is important that a diabetic person knows monitor and interpret your blood sugar levels.

The measurement of blood sugar in which fasting is done at home or in the office of doctor is the measure of a moment; it’s like an instant portrait of sugar alone that morning and should be less than 100. The level of glycosylated hemoglobin or HbA1c represents the average sugar over the past three months, which is considered to be more valuable. In a person with diabetes, normal HbA1c value should be less than 6.5. It is desirable that a diabetic keep a record of both types of examination.

What is a panic attack?

According to patients who suffer a panic attack is one of the most unpleasant and frightening experiences that a human being can suffer. Imagine that you suddenly appeared pain in the chest can be a heart attack and shortness of breath that you feel means you will stop breathing at any time and you’re dying without remedy. That is the panic attack lasts about ten minutes is the maximum of what is called chronic anxiety syndrome point. Anxiety is a mental health disorder in which the person suffers constant concerns and lives constantly uneasy. When the anxiety builds up, it can lead to a panic attack. Because anxiety may result from changes in brain neurotransmitter levels treatment can be done with medication, psychotherapy or besides behavioral therapy.

I am in menopause and sexual relationships are very painful to me. What I can do?

Pain during intercourse, called dyspareunia, is the most common sexual life of women at the time of menopause or symptom menopause. Dyspareunia has two main causes: the first is the removal of sexual desire by lack of hormones mainly the small but significant amount of male hormone or testosterone the second lack of vaginal lubrication because of the lack of sexual arousal, a consequence of the above and lower activity of vaginal glands that produce mucus.

Dyspareunia can be alleviated using generous amounts of vaginal water – based lubricants and especially cultivating and maintaining a proper emotional relationship with the couple. Remember that any sexual relationship always starts in the brain and is fuller and more rejoices when both partners love, respect, admiration and consideration are shown with each other; ie, to feel what the poets call love.

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