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Natural antibiotics for defenses


The chemical antibiotics are effective drugs against bacterial infections such as pneumonia however; they do not cure infections caused by viruses such as herpes, colds and flus that are treated with antivirals. Self-medication the misuse of antibiotics, discontinuation of treatment reduces the effect of these drugs and cause bacteria to become resistant or even immune. Note that if you take them when you should not, will not make effect when you really need.


The natural medicine with plants and foods or supplements with antibacterial properties are able to stimulate our defenses by inhibiting or eliminating the growth of bad microorganisms, while respecting the good microorganisms for our body such as the intestinal flora. Thus, being natural and not damage the stomach or produce allergic reactions. The long-term efficacy of natural antibiotics could be even higher than that of chemical antibiotics as germs are unable to quickly create resistance to them.

Natural antibiotics

Garlic is a potent antiviral agent that protects immunostimulant respiratory infections. Expectorant, diaphoretic promotes sweating hypotensive (lowers blood pressure), antithrombotic, hypoglycemic reduces the concentration of lipids and glucose in the blood), antihistamine prevents the action of histamine in allergic reactions and anthelmintic worm infestations, helminth or roundworms.

Natural antibiotic Onion

bacteriostatic and anti inflammatory, consumption of raw onion strengthen your defenses and facilitates the release of secretions in the airways and to treat respiratory infections such as bronchitis. As external use is a great natural disinfectant. Echinacea is a plant stimulant of the immune system, anti allergenic, lymphatic, anti microbial and anti-inflammatory tonic. It increases our natural defenses, macrophages that destroy invading virus’s propolis natural antibiotic Propolis.

Propolis, natural substance obtained from the bees with tree resin, act as excellent antiseptics and antibiotics thanks to its content in flavonoids, resins and balms beeswax, essential oils, pollen, minerals such as iron and vitamins A and B. It noted for its antibiotic antiviral anti tumor and immune stimulating properties. It also has healing anti inflammatory and analgesic effect.

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