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Medicinal products for direct access in 5 questions


Hundreds of drugs will pass in front of the counter. That is that characterize them? How to choose the right? Can I use for my child or if I’m pregnant? How long to use them? What to do if side effects?… The point with the French Agency of sanitary safety of health products (Afssaps).

Medicinal products for direct access in 5 questions 3

1. What is officinalis medication drugs? Where can I find them?
The term officinalis medication refers to drugs designed to treat common and mild symptoms, for a limited time, without the intervention of the doctor with the help of the pharmacist, as for example the slight pain or moderate fever, the common cold, sore throat, labial herpes (fever button), the occasional gastroesophageal reflux disease , etc. They are available in direct access, in a space specially reserved only in pharmacies. All pharmacies do not directly accessible drugs offer the decision to propose them to the pharmacist.

2 Are. these drugs different from others?
These drugs meet the same requirements as other drugs, that is, the quality of their manufacture, their benefits and their risks assessed by health authorities. Officinalis medication is only available without prescription drugs. Among these drugs, only a portion may be presented in direct access, if they meet certain criteria (indication, dosage, record, box specifically studied) to allow you to choose them and use them without a prescription.

3. How do I choose myself a drug?
To help you choose the medication, read the information listed on the box: what is the indication corresponds to your symptoms? Did you know the substance (s) active (s)? In all cases, do validate your choice by your pharmacist. It will give you advice to use the drug or you will propose an alternative solution if the drug you have chosen is not suitable for your situation.

4 Are. these drugs less dangerous than others?
In General, their risks are low. But they are never null: as any drug, officinalis medication drugs can lead to adverse effects or interact with other medications, certain foods or drinks (alcohol). Therefore, you must follow the same rules as for a drug prescribed by your doctor. Before starting treatment, always read the record: she brings you important information to use your drug as effectively as possible and in the best conditions of security. Don’t take your own several different drugs because their effects can be paid concurrently or on the contrary to object. If you already follow another treatment, report the always to your pharmacist.

5. Do I care for my child with a drug available in direct access?
Some medicines available in direct access are adapted for use in the child from a certain age. When you choose a drug to your child, it is essential to seek advice from your pharmacist who can guide you, if necessary, to medical consultation.

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