Episodes often without gravity, but very painful, acute low back pain or lumbago resolve within 10 days with paracetamol and a bit of rest. It should be recognized the rare cases where a medical consultation is essential.

-Recognizing an acute low back pain
-Acute low back pain: a more rapid disappearance
-For acute low back pain: is to deal effectively and safely
-For acute low back pain, avoid absolute rest in bed
-A medical consultation may however be useful for back pain


Recognizing an acute low back pain

An acute low back pain is a recent back pain that lasts for less than three months (according to the internationally accepted definition), reached the bottom of the back or sometimes the top of the buttocks, and sometimes descends along a two thighs, never exceed the level of the knees (if this pain down below the knee, talking lombo-sciatica or sciatic pain). Acute means only “recent”, but often back pain occur suddenly, in an effort (for example while trying to raise a weight), and are very violent, giving the impression of a serious disease (referred to as sometimes lumbago )).

Acute low back pain: a more rapid disappearance

The impression of serious illness felt violence of back pain is fortunately a false impression. Serious diseases that cause acute lumbar pain are very rare. In the absence of signs of a disease suspected serious, and if your back pain is very recent (less than ten days) onset, it is unnecessary to consult a doctor (unless you have need of a stoppage of work), and you can treat you only. Indeed, despite often brutal and intense pain making it sometimes difficult to Sunrise of the bed, and accompanied by a high stiffness in the lower back, pain gives more than 9 times on 10 less two weeks, treatment with paracetamol and a bit of rest.

According to inseam, more than 40% of observed occupational low back pain episodes last less than 24 hours, and the majority had less than a week. However, the risk of having another episode of low back pain in the following months is high. In some studies, more than a patient with low back pain acute three was another painful crisis lumbar within 12 months.

For acute low back pain: is to deal effectively and safely

The medical treatment of acute low back pain is based on the paracetamol. The effectiveness of other current medications against pain (essentially the aspirin and anti-inflammatory) seems not superior, while their adverse effects (in particular digestive) are frequent and sometimes severe. The effectiveness of other drugs is poorly established in the low back pain.

These drugs can be obtained only by prescription. If you have in your pharmacy, don’t use them for low back pain. Paracetamol must be taken effective dose: for adults, 500 mg to 1 gram, 3 to 4 times per day (at intervals of at least 4 hours) no more than 3 grams in 24 hours.

For acute low back pain, avoid absolute rest in bed

Back pain limits movements and required rest. But it is unnecessary and even harmful to the bed rest. It is better to remain in the wheelchair, and maintain an activity as much as possible. Indeed, it has been shown that patients who doctors recommended rest in bed have healed less quickly!

It is less surprising as it sounds, because rest in bed causes quickly enough muscle, and have good muscles is an essential condition for the proper functioning of the spine. On the other hand, the physiotherapists studies showed that continue the movement despite some pain can heal faster to avoid absolutely any painful movement.

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