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10 Tips To Lose Weight

Lose Weight

10 Tips To Lose Weight

How to lose weight in a healthy, safe, and why not … fun. The goal, stated or not, is to set us in shape, lose at least a size, feel lighter and more secure than our physical appearance. Easy to say. But how? With work, commitments, maybe the family …

Sometimes, fortunately, the solution is easier than it sounds. And sometimes it is so handy that we can not see: our advice is to do a few things but do them well. This is especially true for those who want to get in shape.

lose weight
Lose Weight

Here are our recommendations, ten rules (5 to follow in the gym, followed by 5 in the table) that will not fail to give their results.
In the gym

1) Cardio Fitness. If you are not yet part of your workout routine, you’d better talk to your instructor. There is no other activity in the gym just as effective for burning fat.

2) Give preference to light-medium weights. Increase the number of reps, decrease the weights to improve muscle tone and stimulate the metabolism.

3) You will work your abs regularly. But be careful to train them properly. The rest between sets and the other has its own importance. To get hold of the rest of the abdominal tonic rather short.

4) Do not overdo the frequency at the gym. Treat yourself to the days of total rest from training, otherwise your body will fail to recover properly.

5) A rotation of the techniques included in your program, ‘Advanced’ tab. As the superset (two exercises performed one immediately after another) or ‘circuit training’, or even the ‘forced reps’. Talk to your instructor, who will advise and give necessary assistance.

chest muscles
Chest Muscles

At the table
1) Try to limit portion sizes. Often the problem lies not in what we eat, but what we eat.
2) But since even what we eat has its importance, pay close attention to known fatty foods such as cheeses and certain meats, and the same goes for the desserts. To avoid temptations do not put them in the shopping cart, so you avoid the temptations in front of the refrigerator once opened …
3) Always start with food and a nice plate of raw vegetables or cooked to appease my hunger and start eating the rest with less ‘fit’.
4) Go to the grocery store (when possible of course) on a full stomach. It sounds stupid but it’s proven to help in a more rational choice to buy food and to avoid putting in the food cart ill-suited for those who want to regain the line.
5) Instead of three big meals a day, try to make it smaller 5. You will come the time of meals with less hunger, and also will supply nutrients to your body continuously throughout the day.

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