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Learn the gestures of emergency at school


Outside the hospital, cardiac arrest survival rate is less than 5% and the number of deaths it causes is every year in thousands. Yet, many lives could be saved if the first gestures of relief involved pending the arrival of professionals. But it is estimated that less than 7% of the French know these gestures which save. To remedy this, the Government proposes their learning at school.

A poll conducted in September 2021 by the SOFRES survey at the request of the French Red Cross has shown that 93% of the French believe that it is important to train in first aid. Yet less than 7 percent of the French are introduced to the emergency.

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The importance of the first rescuer
The scientific work are categorical, the first rescuer plays a key role in the “chain of survival”. Thus, in August 2021, the Red Cross launched a massive awareness campaign first aid training. The Red Cross experts believe as well that “If the rescue of the first moment is quickly relayed by specialised relief, among others equipped with semi-automatic defibrillation devices, the chances of survival for a victim of cardiac arrest are increased by 20 %”.

Thus, the actions of first aid knowledge appears today as a public health priority. To reach a large number of people and ensure that this teaching is part of our education to citizenship, Government Announces learning appropriate school behaviours.

The school of heroes
Meet this need, the Minister of Health announced that “a whole series of measures are taken in accordance with the national education. “They are intended to the generalization of the formation of the emergency actions in schools in relying on the partnership already initiated with the services of the State, organizations or associations”.

These measures should enable France to catch up compared to the countries of the North of Europe. The description of the national programme to combat cardiovascular disease also other virtues provides to this type of training. “First aid training has a positive impact on the behavior of students regarding risk management as well as on the development of their civic sense and on the development of their own image.”

Generalization of semi automatic defibrillators
Of the recommendations on the emergency at the European level, the European Resuscitation Council encourages increased use of portable defibrillators. These devices are capable of delivering an electric shock that can revive a deficient heart.
The Department announced early February 2021 improving the release of semi – automatic defibrillators and facilitate the formation of the likely to have professionals to use. In a first time, GPS will be the first concerned and then the firefighters and others likely to intervene in an emergency situation. The categories of persons physicians authorized to use this equipment have been specified by regulation.

Details of the national plan States also “measures to encourage the installation of defibrillators in the non-safe fire-fighting vehicles, but also in crowded public places (theatres, Stadium, railway station, airports…) will be taken”. No programme of awareness in the use of this device is being considered to the general public.

At the same time, a feasibility study for a hotline to the centre 15 specially devoted to immediate advice for individuals who attend a sudden death will be carried out on a few departments. Brochures and leaflets on sudden death and the actions to be undertaken will be disseminated to families at risk.

Make more accessible implantable cardiac defibrillators
Another black dot of cardiovascular disease: the small number of implantable cardiac defibrillators. Today, this product is not covered by social security. Yet according to the latest studies, the contribution is return on investment the first 18 months, because of the reduction in the number of hospitalizations (90%) and life (50%).

Settlements are therefore financially borne by hospitals and reserved for extreme cases. Result: while US statistics are 125 defibrillators per million inhabitants, the France made figure of poor student with for long 6 settlements by million people and only 12 for the year 2021.

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