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How To Treat His Back, While Smooth?


Physiotherapy, Mezieres, osteopathy, acupuncture, chiropractic, method of alternative medicine which can cure back. Choose them, he need to know them. Update on their specificities and their practices.

-Treat the back by alternative medicine
-Physiotherapy and Mezieres method
-Osteopathy, a science and an art
-Chinese medicines, another alternative?
-To the self-treatment with the McKenzie method
-The chiropractic, remedy or bluff?
-Going to a spa treatment
-Take your hand back!

treat his back

Treat the back by alternative medicine

Eight out of 10 people have suffered, suffer or will suffer from a back pain.

It hurts at the back has become commonplace. But facing this pain more or less disabling, what to do?

Several solutions: anti-inflammatory drugs and analgesics of traditional medicine as the case or turn to alternative medicine
with the offer today. Some run from one specialist to another, follow the advice of the mouth…, the ideal is well to be Advisor by her doctor and learn a little more about these different often complementary practices.

Physiotherapy and Mezieres method

When back pain is diagnosed on time and injuries have not yet arrived at an advanced stage, “external” interventions exist for health care. Thus, a patient who complains of pain in the back may follow a kinesiology’s care sessions.

Physiotherapy manages very well to relieve sore but it also prevent an lot of back massage and strengthening techniques. In this case, the back muscles can be strengthened and corrected the deformations of the spinal column .

Related to physiotherapy, the Mezieres method, developed as early as 1947, by the physiotherapist Françoise Mezieres, is based on a more comprehensive approach to the body. “The Mezieres method tends to find a general harmony of the body and not focuses not only on the place of pain, explains Jacques Patté, international mezieriste, former President of the (Association mezieriste) Amik physiotherapist of physiotherapy.”. The method is therefore to consider that the parts of the body are linked and form muscle chains.

To quote Françoise Mezieres: evil is never where it occurs.” The diagnosis starts by a global body reading and then by implementation of these chains stretch exercises. The specialist will then move up the chain of offsets in the body to flush out the (or the) issue (s) primary (s).

Beyond its curative action, this method has a vocation educational and preventive. It has a beneficial impact on the balance of the leads system, allows a re-alignment of the body schema. This method is for all the conditions of back, except hyperaiguës pain, that traditional medicine supports then.

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