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How to lose weight in a week


We all know that the best way to lose weight is to change our lifestyles: changing our eating habits and detach the chair to do some physical activity. But there are times when we need to get faster results. If this is your situation, this issue will give you the solution, and show you how to lose weight in a week , without starving and without depriving yourself of any food group. Are you ready?

# 1 Drink lots of water

When we start a diet, we tend to focus mainly on what we eat, not what we drink. This is a mistake: the drinks may be able to deliver as many calories as solid foods. Therefore, instead of taking sugary sodas, fruit juices or soft drinks, drinking water . This has no calories, nor significant amounts of sodium that make you retain fluids. If this option you very bland, you can try adding a few drops of lemon or mint leaves.

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# 2 No commas or white bread, no pasta

In addition, these nutrients are digested very quickly and do not satisfy our appetite. This fact encourages us to overeat. Therefore, eliminate these foods from your diet for a week .

Instead, eat fruits and vegetables. Use your creativity, creating new recipes and less caloric: turns the chicken sandwich chicken salad. These measures will keep you satiated for longer, because the vegetables are great carriers of complex carbohydrates and these take much longer to be digested. As if this were not enough, vegetables contain lots of water and will help to eliminate fluid retention . What more can you ask?

# 3 Shooting coffee and cardio beam

An hour before the first movement, a cup of coffee -you can add a little skim milk, if decease-. This drink will give you more energy to face physical activity in the best way possible.

This type of exercise will speed up your heart rate, get to work all your muscles and make you burn many calories . With cardio exercises , you’ll lose between 200 and 300 calories while you tone up your body. If you want to maximize the benefits of this activity intervals different beam intensities.

No. 4 Ponte top

When you make love with your partner, get up. This position is a great ally to burn fat , it assumes that you do the whole movement. This is simple: the more active you are, the more calories you burn-in 30 minutes, more than 140-.

In addition, sex elevate levels of endorphins. These neurotransmitters make us feel good and appease the frequency and intensity of cravings.

No. 5 Sleeps 30 minutes

You will be surprised to experience the power they have 30 minutes of rest. This measure will make you make better food choices. You will not have to resort to sugary foods for energy and drowsiness remain in the past. If you can sleep 7 to 8 hours better, because this habit speed up your metabolism.

Try to implement these tips to lose weight in a week . If you have determination, in a week you will lose 2 kilos without damaging your health. Be prepared: a better version of yourself waiting.

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