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How to gain weight?


You lost a few pounds after an illness or you have lost the appetite following personal problems? Simply you are too lean. Doctissimo advises you to take a little bit of weight and find shapes.

If your body mass index (see our application calculate your body mass index) is within the normal, but you want to take 2 or 3 pounds to make feel you better in your body and in your head, here are some tips to gain weight.

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How to gain weight? 3

Attention however: If you maigrissez unexplained manner for some time, go see your doctor who will do a health check to find the cause of your weight loss.

More energy

Prendre du poidsIn the absence of specific disease, to gain a few pounds the principle is simple: should increase energy intakes, while always respecting the good food practice, that is to say the balance, diversity and moderation. Moderation does not apply here to the quantities but rather to some nutrients, vis à vis of the risks that they pose to health. Useless example of excess fatty acids.

Above all, do not stop any physical activity under the pretext of wanting to grow! To take weight what is important is to have the appetite, and thus taking more pleasure in eating. So take the time to make structured meals (starter, dish, cheese, dessert) composed of dishes you like particularly. To make these a few kilos, you must change your eating habits.
In practice

In addition to the three complete meal of the day, made a snack in the morning and another in the afternoon, and possibly a last evening at sunset.

Choose foods rich in calories, increasing rather intake of carbohydrates and lipids, it is starchy foods and products sweetened instead of fat. Including eat carbohydrate-rich foods in the snack between meals.

Sleep as possible and regular hours. Delete if possible factors of stress, try to be more relaxed!

Finally if it is not already done, stop smoking: your appetite will increase and food will find more taste!

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