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How to diagnose severe back pain


The diagnosis of severe back pain is done by a doctor. If the pain is accompanied by symptoms of dizziness, chest pain and difficulty breathing, should be treated as an emergency. Go to the nearest emergency room, as you may be suffering a heart attack. When there is severe back pain, there are several different diagnostic tests that your doctor will make. He will have a better idea of where to start to find the cause of pain from the description you gave and your answers to the questions he will make.


Performs an appointment with your doctor to get a review of your severe back pain. Prepare to sit, stand, crouch and make other movements that you ask your doctor. Your range of motion will be an important factor in the diagnostic process. You describe your pain as constant terms, stinging, burning and location will also help your doctor where look first to locate the source of pain.

 back pain

Inform your doctor of any previous back injury, even if the injury was years ago. Old injuries can cause deterioration of the discs in the back, so that this information can be useful . The doctor will also check your reflexes as part of exploration, because if the pain is due to a condition of the spine, such as a disc injury, a nerve may be involved. Check reflexes of the knees is one of the diagnostic procedures for this.

Prepare to be performing a radiograph of the area, especially if the pain is caused by an old or new injury. An x-ray will show to your doctor about any bone disease that may be causing the pain. If there was severe pain after lifting something heavy or slip causing a jerking motion of your back, your doctor may send you home with medication and recommend bed rest for one or two days. Because you did not fall, and have a point of impact on your body as a result of a broken bone, he can diagnose it as a pulled muscle.

The diagnosis of an injury or a more serious condition most likely to be done by magnetic resonance imaging (MRI). This test allows the doctor to see any damage to the discs, bones or nerves of the back. MRI can detect any irregularity in the size of your liver, stomach, bladder, kidneys and heart, along with other things that may lead to the source of pain. An MRI gives your doctor a thorough look at your internal structure.

A blood test is another useful diagnostic tool that can be ordered if the doctor suspects that your pain can come from a body such as the kidney. Certain enzymes that are released are taken up in a blood test that may indicate the involvement of your heart, kidney or liver. Since the severe back pain can be caused by many different conditions, a variety of tests may be required.

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