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How to act in case of heatstroke


Reckless sun exposure may cause dehydration or overheating in our body. Learn how to deal with heat stroke! On hot days, you should take some care to prevent heatstroke and protect your head with a hat and skin creams filter high sun protection, avoid exposure in the middle of the day and during long time, besides keeping well hydrated by drinking water frequently. Heat can cause significant dehydration or overheating in our body.

heat stroke


It can occur in atmospheric humidity and heat, and its cause is dehydration. If the person is not well because he has, for example, diarrhea, vomiting, and those who are not used to being in the sun are most at risk.

How to act in case of Overheating:

He leads the person to the shade or a cool place. Help him to lie. Elevate your legs and rest them on cushions, which improve blood flow to the brain. Help him to get up and drink small sips of cool water. Then give a solution of salt water made with a teaspoon of salt per liter of water or diluted fruit juice to replenish lost salts. If not quickly recover you may suffer heat stroke.


It is a serious situation and presents if the organism overheats in very hot environments. Acts should present a sudden headache, you are confused your skin is hot and flushed your pulse is irregular, loses and its temperature above 40 ° C.

How to act in case of heatstroke:

Help the person to lie down in a cool, peel off the clothes. Water him. Repeatedly Passable a sponge soaked in cold or lukewarm water. Keep the skin moist and let it air dry. If you are unconscious, check breathing. If not, do word of mouth and heart massage.

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