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How does it explore the coronary arteries today?


Prior fears a heart scan are good legitimate. Are but they based? In recent years, Cardiology (medical or surgical) has been the subject of such progress that these reviews are totally controlled and harmless.

Many reviews to explore the vascular network which irrigates the heart, some have lost their interest over time because they did not meet criteria for safety or modernity expected in this area. Others have earned their letters of nobility by offering a very satisfactory risk/benefit ratio. Therefore, if you are undergoing vascular explorations, you can rely on the experience of physicians and cardiac surgeons for more than two decades, enhancing their experience.

explore the coronary

The simplest and best known is the electrocardiogram (ECG). Its disadvantage lies in the fact that it traces the electrical activity of the heart at rest. Whenangina occurs only at the effort, the ECG may be quite normal. This is the reason why your doctor may prefer a stress test. Registration is thus closer to reality as he recreates the conditions of occurrence of the angina. There is an another more aggressive exploration as it is surgical instructions, which can view the status of your coronary arteries: coronary angiography is. These two explorations take place in a medical setting very strict, so that at the slightest problem, a team can intervene in an emergency.

What is stress testing?
If you need to pass a stress test, be aware that this review can be done as an outpatient procedure or during hospitalization. It make you pedaling on a bicycle Ergometer and jointly achieve an electrocardiogram. Thus, it is possible to see how your heart responds to exercise.
You must at all costs follow the instructions given by the physician or the nurse in the early, in particular, report any problems you may have or any pain that would occur during the event.

During the duration of the review your heart rate, your blood pressure and your reactions are followed with care. After analysis of the results, the doctor will inform you of the diagnosis and will establish with you a care plan adapted to your case. But beware, do you make no illusion: drugs do not respond at all and you will need to also make efforts on your way of life, in this case, stop smoking, stop the caffeine, losing a bit of weight and do some gymnastics!

What is a coronary angiography?
If you need to pass a coronary angiography, be aware that this review is done under anesthesia and hospital. It is a technique that involves injecting a dye into your coronary arteries. It is under permanent control of cardiac activity. The surgeon will place a catheter into an artery, often to the femoral level (at the level of the inguinal fold). It will then guide the catheter up to the coronary artery and inject contrast media. The two coronary arteries will be successively explored under different impacts for visualisation of their trip.

Opacification is recorded on x-ray films, videotapes or even the CD-ROM because the data are analyzed after the review. The surgeon will then inform you of the permeability of your arteries. In the light of these data, the surgeon will discuss with you the possibilities of a coronary artery bypass. Depending on the route first used, you will be able to go out the same day or you will have to spend the night in the hospital.

No matter the situation you are in, you need to know that these explorations are today perfectly mastered by specialists. The giant leap made Cardiology you possibilities unknown barely a decade ago.

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