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Give 20 minutes of exercise to your mind


When we talk about the profit of exercise, we usually refer to those that are related to the physical, such as health prevention obesity and its consequences high blood pressure diabetes and some types of cancer leaving usually side benefits direct exercise has on mental health particularly the relief of chronic anxiety stress and depression. However, it can also help strengthen our brain raising the number of brain cells. These are the topics we mark with the hope that your reading will assist you start a new more balanced year, where your mental health is one of your priorities.

Humorous morning exercises

The truth is that medical research has been able to effectual answer the first question and experts recommend that for health benefits, a person must do 20 to 30 minutes of physical action daily. Regarding when exercising, investigations are not so clear. Some specialist say that exercise in the afternoon is physiological because body temperature is higher and the muscles and joints have warmed more during the day, which increases exercise endurance and decreases the amount of muscle injuries.

give 20 minutes of exercise to your mind

But other experts say that time does not matter and that even the evening exercise can stop sleep at night. Other medical research has found that morning exercise can have an immediate and lasting therapeutic effect on mood what we call the mood of a person.

Healthy mind and body

In this regard, a recent study found that exercise can improve mood and the mood of a person up to 12 hours of practice and can improve your self esteem too. Other research has found that exercise is not only able to strongly improve the mood of all those who practice it but it gets deeper and noticeably in people who have high levels of anxiety and depression. Furthermore, it has been found that beneficial action of exercise is immediate, ie is a quick and sharp effect.

Why exercise has this effect?

With admiration to the mechanism by which exercise can help get those beneficial psychological effects, it is thought to be through the secretion of endorphins and brain monoamine oxidize enhancing substances mood of human beings. The study compared two groups of people those who did aerobics and those who just did stretching and light calisthenics. The study found that exercise increases the size of the hippocampus a brain area responsible for memory altered in people with dementia and typically shrinks with age.

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