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Exercises that will help you build your life


Punctuality is the courtesy of queens. Punctuality is already a courtesy that is not fulfilled. The most punctual is Atlantic and that is why you won a watch.  Queens are real women what happens to me. Who suffer who cry who dawn with dark circles when they do not sleep well? The thermometer marks 30 degrees of temperature and 34 of thermal sensation. In the center, the Stander Avenue On the left, the fiery public that assumes the owner lord of the candidates. We are big we are beautiful. We are strong like them.

The rapper strikes the bass drum and dances the folkloric ballet. They make faces at me, they threaten to throw me coffee. Was it not foam? No, it’s coffee powder. Greet, throw kisses, pose for photos. If I did not like the reigns, I might say they are frivolous. That they put to compete the beauty and that that is not well.

If I did not like them, perhaps, I would say that they are empty and superficial, that they are corrupted by machismo contaminated by irrelevance. If I did not like the reigns I would say that queens have nothing to do with women like me. They are immune to day-to-day. They do not eat, they do not think so much, they do not know what it is to live difficult. If I did not like the reigns I would like to tell all these things to someone.

Raeford would respond calmly. I would say that as a liberal man he respects all opinions. That if I thought the same I would not make a beauty pageant. I would say that the queens are not going to have anything to do with me! That they are real women that happen to me everything that happens to me who suffer, who cry, who dawn with dark circles when they do not sleep well?

That is reachable all over the world, with effort, of course. That this contest, the National Beauty Contest, does not pass in the stratosphere. Those queens are nice because they work to be. That beauty is a means and not an end. That the end is another dress that gives voice to the artisans a visit that gets funds for a rural school.

If I did not like the reigns, I would say that it is not right to standardize beauty in unreachable stereotypes. In tall, thin women made with surgeries they walk in heels of 15 centimeters while the country kills or signs agreements not to kill them. If I did not like it I would say that the reigns are not a challenge to the intellect. They stayed in time they were lost between centuries and did not find out that women are no longer the same. I would say that they discriminate which reduces everything to girls in the showcase.

Not that, Rae ford would say, no. That although the National Beauty Kingdom does not have any law that prohibits the surgeries because among other things each law brings a guardianship against yes it prefers to its candidates made in the bed and not in the operating room, as it said some Time the Nobel Gabriel. I would say that the Kingdom is dynamic. That changes permanently because that is the world. That there are now many of men, women, transvestites and that is fine.

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