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Create sperm in vitro from testicular tissue


For the first time in history, they have managed human sperm obtained solely by in vitro events from testicular tissue in a sterile man. Despite the novelty of the news, which was announced by the company specializing in spermatogenesis following investigations of the Institute of Functional Genomics of Lyon, the scientific group of people remains skeptical concerning waiting for more data. We should know about testicular tissue.

create sperm in vitro from testicular tissue

However, for Carlo Foresta, professor of endocrinology and andrology at the University of Padua the fact represents an “extraordinary event”. “It’s the first time it happens. Sperm is the end of a series of cell divisions that at some point have to halve its chromosomal morphology kit and change completely. The ‘classical’ cells become cells with head tail and mobile device which it is very hard to achieve. I have not read the work but it would be a great attainment, he opined.

According Foresta has confirmed the Italian newspaper should maintain awareness of the consequences of the new treatment. Documentation on what it means in genetic terms this alteration missing. The expert recalled that the sperm profoundly modifies their DNA during the various stages of its formation so that further research should focus on this point.

Confirmed the expectations raised by Kallistem the new technique could be used to preserve the fruitfulness of children who must undergo chemotherapy sessions dangerous or treat infertility in adult males, which have a total figure of 120,000 around the world. Within five years we expect to have the first centers available to patients, the new system predicts the president of that company.

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