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Baby before birth: intrauterine view


Miracle of the nature, the eye is one of the organs that appear early in the embryo. Discover the first stages of the view.

The ocular system of the latter begins to exist at the same time that his brain draft: 18 days after the design!At this point, the human embryo is barely 2 millimetres long but is already at the level of his face, two black spots which prefigure the eyes.

baby before birth

First part of what would become the brain, they grow gradually, like a flower to bloom on the surface of the skin.
It becomes transparent, little by little, it turns into iris and cornea and, from time, it built components for eyeballs: the eyelids.

The eye in training
5 Months of pregnancy, the embryo eyes are almost completed. They have to take the volume and refine the connections that link them to the brain. At this time of the intrauterine life, brain mixes a little information from the left eye and the right eye.

On the retina, it still lacks pigment: i.e. of coloured substances that will be sensitive to light, its intensity and colour nuances. This stage of development, photosensitive cells of the eyes – the cones and rods – are still widely dispersed on the retina, which explains the very low Visual acuity of the baby at birth.

Is that progressively only a portion of these cells will focus to enable the vision of the very fine details.
At the same time the vitreous humor is still, for some time, crowded traces of a membrane from the embryonic construction. Surprising: when seen with a specific device, it seems a Mantilla.Hard to imagine what perceives a fetus of 5 and a half months from the maternal belly!

Sensitive to Sun bath
It knows however that it reacts to light stimulation important and if mother walking on the beach or taking Sun bath at a time of high light, there is no doubt that the fetus receives diffuse light that passes through the skin, the muscles and the amniotic fluid. A little, it seems, as if looking through a frosted glass.

But he sees his small hands, legs, feet or her umbilical cord when it is of the loops in the maternal uterus? This is not certain. The perception of its actions would require a really important light. Probably also would be hampered by the speed of movements.

Eating fish to give a good overview to baby
Women who eat fish fat during pregnancy and breastfeeding guarantee their children a better visual development. The discovery of the University of Bristol suggests that proteins contained in breast milk and fish such as sardines, herring, eel, salmon or mackerel increases the development of the brain in children. Carried out on about 400 children, this study highlights the role of Docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) in the brain and retinal development during pregnancy. This amino acid is not present in the infant.

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