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Alcohol and depression


Statistically, men are less depressed than women. And they are less affected by anxiety and anxiety. Are they stronger than their girlfriends? Or do they find refuge elsewhere, in drowning their problems in alcohol including? It must go beyond simple statistics to discover some answer…

In 2021, only 2.5% of men suffering from depression while the disease was 6.2% of women. For anxiety and anxiety disorders they affected, always in 2021, 2.1% of women and 1.2% of the men. But this difference is not related to male behavior: denial and even the refuge in certain substances…

alcohol and depression

A virility that takes water

L’alcool et la depression Depression characterized by loss of energy, interest, psychomotor slowing, a sense of worthlessness, difficulty of concentration, a greater indecision, of morbid thoughts etc. It is located at the opposite of virility! The male ideal still perennial today, despite the advances of feminism who handed him in question, is defined by the force, action, power, control, power.

This male ideal explains Elisabeth Badinter in XY, male identity “is illustrated very well by the image of the man of the Malboro cigarette which the poster has criss-crossed the world.” “A man hard, lonely because he has need of no one impassive, manly wish”. A man that imagined badly depressed, stuffing into anxiolytics and lengthening on the couch in his shrink to tell him his early childhood.

Psychoanalysis of the bottle

However he heals a coup de blues or forget his problems by drinking one or two glasses did not poor… well image instead, it remains very virile! Certainly this male representation is an archetype but it remains no less that men have more difficulties to speak for themselves, to analyze their States of souls and communicate. Psychologists have long distinguished two types of stress responses: fight or flight, so that more focus on women studies reveal a third type of attitude. A problem or a difficult situation, they move on their family and will seek support from their friends, their sisters. This may explain that they are more likely to get help when things go wrong.

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