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About emotions during pregnancy


Pregnancy is one of the most exciting times in a woman’s life events. Learning to understand and cope with extreme emotions helps make nice pregnancy and one of the happiest events in your life.

Emotions during pregnancy

Emotions during pregnancy have been compared with the roller coaster rides. The knowledge that a new life is growing inside you can cause feelings and uncertainties found on parenting, which make pregnancy an emotional journey.

About emotions during pregnancy 3

First quarter

Changes in the mind and body begin almost immediately after conception. Some of the first physical symptoms experienced during pregnancy are fatigue, breast tenderness and nausea. These symptoms can cause a newly pregnant mother feel vulnerable and overwhelmed. In pregnancy the hormones progesterone and estrogen affect emotions and may mourn without reason. It is important to remember that these physical and emotional changes are normal. Seek emotional support, trust someone near and discuss your concerns with your obstetrician.

 Second quarter

In the second quarter, the illness disappears in the morning and the baby move, called ” acceleration “can be felt. While this may be shocking, it’s a sign that your baby is developing normally. You can begin to feel a definite emotional attachment to your baby, regarding it as “real” person. Weight gain can cause feelings of self-awareness that your body grows and maternity clothes are needed. Your partner should help overcome these feelings of uncertainty, finding extra attention from your spouse may be helpful. You may find that you have taken the “glow” of pregnancy, one of many skin changes caused by elevated blood volume and hormones.

Third quarter

In the third quarter, uncertainties and fears arise with thoughts of labor pain and discomfort. Childbirth classes help you and your partner to prepare for the birth. Feelings of fatigue and irritability increase and may have difficulty sleeping.

Learning to deal with your emotions

During pregnancy, emotions may fluctuate. Excited feelings may be followed by periods of depression and uncertainty. It is important to take care of yourself physically and emotionally during pregnancy, with proper prenatal care, adequate rest and a balanced diet. If you are experiencing emotions that you feel can not be normal, as extreme anxiety or depression, seek professional help. Your obstetrician can you advise or refer to a support group or mental health professional.

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