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5 Steps to lose weight before bedtime


Lose weight before bedtime is possible? I know, it seems illogical but it is definitely possible. This time I’ll bring 5 Steps to lose weight. If you do not have the money or time to go to a gym, what you can do to try not to “win kilos more” is sleep properly, this can help you avoid gaining excess weight and over time, lose weight; but you must also apply these steps, just follow them and put them into practice, you will quickly see the changes.

steps to lose weight

1. Light Dinner

The dinner is very important, try to consume your portions in small quantities. If you eat a lot at dinner, only they will achieve that calories are stored in adipose tissue, obtaining the opposite effect and gaining more fat. You must dine two hours before bedtime, so that digestion is correct, and thus our body glucose used in the processes that take place during the time of sleep is assimilated.

2.Bebe water

One of the five steps to losing weight , it turns out the water. That’s right, so simple but vital. As they say, our body is made ​​up of 60% water, and we need to consume the amount sufficient to replace the removed. Since drink water before bedtime, you can predicate urination middle of the night and disrupt your sleep, I recommend you drink during dinner. Avoid alcohol or cola to take away your dream, and we will add calories to your body.

3. Turn off the light

If you still afraid of the dark, you must overcome this fear, and to sleep with the lights off will help you lose weight. This is because melatonin (a natural hormone that your pineal gland produces when you are in total darkness) will help you sleep and control hormone production.  Melatonin helps to produce the “slimming fat”, unlike other fats that the body produces, this will help to control body weight.

4. Perform exercises

When you finish exercising, even at rest, your body will burn calories is why performing gymnastics is one of 5 important secrets, just keep in mind to make this routine long before bedtime, since otherwise will lose any sleep.

5. Check the temperature in the room

On the recommendation avoids excessive temperatures, is that the room is warm to sleep better. A temperate climate would be considered between 24 ° -25 ° C, because if you raise more, the environment will become uncomfortable and sleep quality is lost. Begin to make changes to your routine implements these tips and see the difference for yourself.

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