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10 Diseases in The Language


Leukoplakia: it is due to an irritation in the tongue that produces white patches in the mouth. The treatment is simple to treat dental problems, stop consuming alcohol and smoking (since these cause irritation).

Oral candidiasis: is caused by the candida fungus that is always in our mouth but is controlled by the immune system, when it weakens then it appears. It may be due to taking steroids, having HIV, going through a chemotherapy treatment, being in poor health and being very old or very young.

Lichen planus oral: white lines appear as a rash. It is more common in adults than in children; If you maintain proper hygiene you can solve the problem on its own.

Geographic language: Its name is due to the appearance of irregular spots on the tongue that look similar to those on a map. It is recommended to make mouthwashes with stearoids or an antihistamine gel to relieve discomfort.

Scarlet fever: strawberry tongue and high fever are the main symptoms of this disease. You need antibiotics for your healing so you should see a doctor. It is a common disease in children and is caused by infection of group a streptococcal bacterium.

Kawasaki syndrome: frequent in Japanese children under 5 years old and consists of an inflammation of the blood vessels. One of the symptoms is a strawberry tongue covered in white or with red parts in the back, in addition to eyes injected in blood, hands and feet, swollen and red palms. Children who suffer from it need hospital treatment.

Ankyloglossia: it is believed that it is a problem that is inherited and is when the bottom of the tongue is stuck to the floor of the mouth. It is discovered in babies when they have breastfeeding problems and the treatment involves cutting the tissue under the tongue in a doctor’s office. It is necessary to go to the operating room in more serious situations. The doctor will decide.

Glotters: The tongue swells so much that it changes color and becomes a smooth surface. It can be caused by allergies dry mouth, tobacco, alcohol, low iron levels infections. The treatment seeks to reduce inflammation.

Macroglossia: the tongue is larger than normal. It is a consequence of a hereditary or congenital disorder.

Tongue cancer: the first symptoms are sores that do not heal, red spots on the tongue that do not heal, discomfort in the throat when you chew or sip, bad breath. If you show several of these symptoms or have a family history Visit your doctor.

Here you have 10 diseases of the language, remember that this is a merely informative post and that if you present any symptom or have any questions you should consult your doctor. What if I can assure you is the safest thing that happens to your language is that you bite it. If you want to send us a comment question or suggestion, we will wait for you on our Facebook wall. Does this post violate your rights? Send a notification of an alleged violation of rights. You can also do it through our contact form.

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